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How Do You Manage Spotted Lanternflies?

The Spotted Lanternfly quickly spread through Pennsylvania counties after it’s arrival in 2014. Now several states in the Northeast are currently dealing with the threat of this invasive insect! Learning how to stop the spread and steps to manage the Spotted Lanternfly are extremely important!

Stop the Spread

When it comes to managing the Spotted Lanternfly it is important to learn how to prevent this insect from spreading. Both business and homeowners must take proper precautions to reduce the spread of this invasive species. Because the SLF lays eggs on vehicles, and other outdoor objects, the biggest risk is human-assisted travel. Quarantine efforts have been established and it is essential to stay up to date on guidelines for the control of the Spotted Lanternfly.

Destroying Egg Masses

One prevention method to stop the spread is by destroying the SLF egg masses. First, check your property for SLF eggs. They can be found on trees, vehicles, firewood, or outdoor furniture. Use a plastic card or putty knife to scrape them off the object. Place the egg masses in a bag that is filled with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. Double bag and dispose.

Seeking Professional Help

Spotted Lanternfly Killers use the two most effective methods to kill Spotted Lanternflies on your property.  One way is through soil injection the other is bark treatment.

Soil Injection

Soil injection treatment is a proactive approach that protects your trees from damage, does not harm non-target insects, and only combats insects feeding on the tree.

Soil injection is a low volume application, applied by evenly injecting the soil in and around the tree. We shoot water and the chemical into the ground about six inches down. This treatment protects your trees from the Spotted Lanternfly feeding and prevents further damage to your trees.

Keep in mind this treatment does not immediately kill Spotted Lanternflies. It takes up to 3 months to get inside the tree before it is effective.

This is why the soil injection treatment is best in the fall, and early spring - to get active control right away!

Basal Bark Treatment

The other type of treatment is the basal bark treatment. This is where we spray from the root flares, all the way up to about 5 feet in height. We spray all the way around the tree with a low volume either pressure sprayer or backpack sprayer.

This treatment allows the tree to absorb the chemical through the bark. You can think of this as rubbing hand cream onto your skin until it soaks through. This is basically how the basal bark application works on a tree. It will absorb slowly throughout the tree over the next week. As the insect feeds on the poison in the sap they die. This treatment will generally last about 3 months.

The great thing about the basal bark treatment - is that it has an immediate impact on the tree! Within 24 hours, you’ll see massive kills of Spotted Lanternflies.

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