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Sticky Bands on Trees

Now is the best time to use sticky bands to kill Spotted Lanternflies! Eggs hatch in late spring and in this nymph phase begin feeding by moving up and down on tree trunks. While they move they can easily be captured with sticky bands. Sticky bands can also be used to monitor the Spotted Lanternfly in areas where it has not been located yet.

How do you use sticky bands?

Sticky bands are placed around the tree trunk about 4 feet from the bottom of the tree. Making sure the band is tightly wrapped around the tree trunk.

What to watch out for!

Adult Spotted Lanternflies are more difficult to catch using sticky bands. Occasionally they may avoid the band or walk across it without getting stuck. Although, the majority of Spotted Lanternflies feeding on the tree will be trapped in the tape.

For Spotted Lanternflies caught using the bands, you must carefully dispose of them. Disposal is important because some of the Spotted Lanternfly may still be alive on the sticky bands. Be sure to double bag the band before placing them in the trash.

Some sticky bands accidentally capture non-target creatures such as birds or small mammals like squirrels. To avoid capturing beneficial insects or other animals buy a sticky band that allows you to make the width of the bands smaller. It is important to check your bands frequently. If you capture a mammal, remove the band from the tree, and take it to your local wildlife rehabilitation center.


Sticky bands are an effective method to capture and kill Spotted Lanternfly nymphs and adults. Looking for the most effective, quality sticky bands? Get Spotted Lanternfly Sticky Tape! It is Clean, Easy, and Effective!

Spotted Lanternfly Sticky Tape is a non-toxic, inexpensive method to kill Spotted Lanternflies on your property.



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