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Spotted Lanternfly Q & A

Where does the SLF come from?

The SLF is native to China, Vietnam, and parts of India.

Where was the SLF first found in the U.S?

Berks County, PA

When do SLF eggs hatch?

Late Spring

Do Spotted Lanternflies die in the winter?

Adults do not survive through winter, however egg masses are strong enough to withstand cold weather conditions and hatch in the Spring.

Does the SLF sting or bite people?


What do Spotted Lanternflies eat?

The SLF feeds on over 65 species of plants such as grape, apple, maple, willow, birch, and the tree of heaven.

What do Spotted Lanternflies do?

Lanternflies feed on plant sap and excrete a form of honeydew.

How does the Spotted Lanternfly kill trees?

During feeding the Spotted Lanternfly drains the tree of sap reserve, and defecates around the tree which reduces photosynthesis and weakens the plant. Many trees die due to the heavy infestation of the SLF.

How many counties are currently under quarantine in Pennsylvania?

13 (this number may change based on new findings)

Which states are currently affected by the SLF?

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Virginia (this answer may change based on new findings)


How do you stop the spread of the SLF?

You can help stop the spread of the SLF by checking your vehicle and any outdoor equipment (lawn furniture, grills, mowers, firewood, etc.) when traveling in and out of a quarantine zone.

How do you manage the SLF?

There are a few methods to manage Spotted Lanternflies. Scraping eggs off of trees/objects, banding trees, removing the favored host (tree-of-heaven), or seeking professional help for chemical treatment.


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