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5 Ways to Stop the Spread of Spotted Lanternflies

1. Stay Updated

The most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of Spotted Lanternflies is to stay informed. Knowing whether you are in a quarantine zone can make a significant difference in protocol for controlling the spread. Even if you are outside of a quarantine zone you should know how to identify the SLF in all life stages as well as how to properly dispose and report sightings. Updated information can be on the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

2. Look Before you Leave

Female Spotted Lanternflies have been known to lay 2 egg masses with each one harvesting 30-50 eggs.The females lay their on trees, and other objects such as cars, farm equipment, and outdoor furniture. Inspecting your property and disposing of the Spotted Lanternfly eggs can help prevent the invasive insect from spreading to new locations. If you are not in a SLF quarantine zone and you find the insect on your property it should be reported immediately. Check your State Department of Agriculture for contact information.

3. Prevent and Dispose Properly

You can make a difference in stopping the spread of Spotted Lanternflies by destroying the SLF egg masses. First, check your property for SLF eggs. They can be found on trees, vehicles, firewood, or outdoor furniture. Use a plastic card or putty knife to scrape them off the object. Place the egg masses in a bag that is filled with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. Double bag and dispose.

4. Business Management

As part of the effort to control the spread of the Spotted Lanternfly. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture now requires businesses operating in the quarantine zone must have permits to move equipment and goods within and out of the zone. Once the designated employee passes the course, they will receive a permit for company vehicles.

The PA Spotted lanternfly Permit Training for Businesses can be found here:

5. Homeowner Management

Sticky Bands are an inexpensive and non-toxic way to kill Spotted Lanternflies on your property. The majority of Spotted Lanternflies feeding on the tree will be trapped in the tape.For Spotted Lanternflies caught using the bands, you must carefully dispose of them following the directions above.

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Hire a Professional

If you want to prevent damage to trees on your property then hire a certified expert! The two most effective ways to kill Spotted Lanternflies are with either soil injection or bark treatment.

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